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Foshan Langtai Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive lighting company specializing in the development, production, sales and system solutions of indoor and outdoor lighting products. The company's products are rich, mainly include: low-altitude lighting, road lighting, tunnel lighting, landscape lighting lighting, industrial lighting, 5 types of LED lamps, thousands of products. More than 12 invention patents, utility models and design patents have been granted.
The company's product quality is at the international leading level, has passed CE, ROHS certification, the street lamp has been the national lighting quality supervision and inspection center report.
         We are committed to building the world's most professional lighting application brand, actively promoting the development and application of lighting technology, and letting people share the bright life brought about by the progress of lighting. We adhere to the concept of harmony and win-win, stress credibility and quality, and make customer satisfaction our service tenet. Since its establishment, the company has actively participated in the construction of lighting projects and has achieved very good results. It has also won the honor of the top 50 national lighting industry.


An honor, representing a pursuit, embodies a kind of effect, symbolizes a kind of ability, and gives birth to a motive
A certification, bearing a passion, a recognition, a support for a concept, a reputation as a result.


Adhere to the “three-inspection” system of self-inspection, mutual inspection, and process handover inspection, so that the previous process is unclear and the construction of the next process is not allowed. When the process is handed over, there must be records of process handover, clear quality handover opinions, and inspections. The handovers all hold letters of mutual recognition, leaving evidence for construction analysis.
        Adhere to the material inspection system, check and accept the materials before entering the market or sample and submit them to prevent unqualified materials from entering the site. The main material has three certificates. Only qualified by inspection
        Adhere to the construction process quality inspection system, the quality control of the construction process through the "tracking detection, retesting, sampling inspection" three-level testing system to achieve, for the class job testing by professional tracking and testing. Through the quality inspection of the construction process to achieve timely solution to the problem, the entire process control quality.